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1 280,00£Prix

Adeline is the first butterfly of the year 2022.

She is a pastel coloured beauty with a peaceful and timid spirit. 


All usual customisations were done, including:
* sleep eyes with two pull charms

* sealing with MSC UV 
* One pair of Yumi Camui chips, three pairs  eye chips Ama Flicker

* Base doll is Takara Blythe Gerda Eternity
* New Licca body, if you prefer Obitsu or Azone - email me after purchase
* Silky soft reroot by Aka Blythe in dreamy pastel hues - baby pink, baby blue and lavender

* Signed and dated on the back plate
* Included: doll, stand, ooak dress & butterfly teddy helmet, socks, shoes.


LAYAWAY is available. Please message me for details.


Please email me questions through the website or directly to:


*Shipping is free
*Returns not accepted
*UK is no longer an EU member


Thank you!

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